Natural culling is stopping.

The sausages of society, their rights and health and safety.

First of all, let me give you a run down on what I mean by sausages of society. This term is locally used to describe a typically young male 16 – 25 year old, (although sausageness can creep into older brackets). These people are addicted to television soaps, pop music (please see my Popular music blog for more on this), social media, obtaining facebook, instagram and twitter recognition for posting selfies. They are at home in their natural habitats congregating in cars around Mcdonalds and the likes. They care more about their appearance than their internal well being, not that intelligent (which lack of intelligence is also glamorised through TV shows like The only way is Essex etc),  oh I could go on…….But I think you get the picture.

This style of “living” coupled with the ever tightening health and safety laws and that suing companies because of your own stupidity is the ‘norm’ nowadays is just a recipe for disaster. Do these sausages really need a big red label telling them that a kettle may contain hot water. I mean fucking really!!! What is the world coming to? Now I understand my granddads words “back in my day”, oh how relevant…… I started my life of work on building sites as an electrician in year 2000 (I know that is quite recent in the grand scheme of things) and I was victim to all of the usual “tricks” no different to anyone else. Did I cry, bitch, whine, report it, no I didn’t. I knew that none of it was malicious or done out of hate. Nowadays you tell a “sausage” that their hair looks silly and they are nearly in tears.

Anyway, back to my point…. There are so many warning and danger signs all over the place (please look out for them in your day to day life, it will make you smile). Now don’t get me wrong some things do warrant warning labels such as high voltage electricity, Gas pipes etc, you know, stuff like that. What doesn’t need a warning label is a bag of animal feed that is clearly titled. These often carry warning labels, “Not for human consumption” LMFAO!!!! What sausage caused the need for these labels. I’m sorry but if somebody woke up and decided they were going to pop down to their local agriculture store for a bit of Emu feed for breakfast and later died. They really do not deserve to be here, they would end up breeding (somehow) and creating more sausage children with even less common sense.

Common sense should be part of natural selection with stuff like this, if you need instructions to climb a step ladder either don’t use it or continue and suffer the consequences.  There is no excuse for stupidity! Period. I even saw a pushchair with a warning label stating “remove child before folding”. I mean, REALLY?????? Again, who has caused the need for such label.

Why do people get injured so easily. I think reducing sausages ( I am going to do a blog on how I think this can be achieved at a later date) would benefit a lot of things.

Business – Less sick time from staff = More production,  more profit.

Housing – Less new builds taking up precious greenery to house sausages. (Hot dogs I call them)

NHS – Less strain on staff due to reduced numbers of patients = Freeing up beds and quicker wait times for the general public .

I cant see a bad thing about it………………..

Do you think health and safety is way over the top?  Do you think sausages can learn from a more relaxed Health and safety standard?




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